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Degenerated nerve terminals in the MBH after various brain stem lesions a Arcuate nucleus Ventromedial nucleus Median eminence Periventricular nucleus Dorsal Ventral SGC SGC Long Al post cut A2 + + + + + + + + + + + + + + AS A6 A7 cell groups A8 + + + + + RD + + + aLocation of lesions: Fig. 7 AI-A8, catecholaminergic cell groups; RD, dorsal raphe nucleus Some of the ascending fibers are of aminergic character (Roizen and Jacobovitz 1976) and will be dealt with later as the dorsal noradrenergic periventricular bundle.

It is known that ascending catecholaminergic fibers innervating the hypothalamus cross the midline or give off collateral fibers to the contralateral side on their way up (tindvall and Bjorklund 1974). Because adrenaline and noradrenaline also decrease Significantly in the contralateral NA after the lesion ofC1-Al cell groups, an at least partial decussation of fibers already at the medullary level can be reckoned with (Palkovits et al. 1980a, b). Termination of Brain Stem Fibers in the MEH. (Electron Microscopic Studies) Lesions were placed in various brain stem regions, where HRP labeled cells occurred in higher numbers (Fig.

Inset in A shows the corresponding section from which the micrograph was taken 48 In the central nucleus, sporadic labeling was encountered after the infiltration of the zone between the NA and the NVM. The basomedial nucleus has a significant projec· tion toward the cell-free zone, while the RCA and the central NVM are poorly innervated from this source. In contrast, the basolateral nucleus projects to the core of the NVM whereas the RCA and the cell-free region are negligibly supplied. In the nucleus of the lateral olfactory tract, a few cells were seen after RCA, NA-NVM, and NVM injections.

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