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Small indentations of the plasma membrane are often observed (Plate 58) and may produce a villiform appearance at the edge of the sarcoplasm. Rows of tiny vesicles may also occur just under the plasma membrane and these indentations and vesicles suggest that pinocytotic activity takes place at the plasma membrane. In degenerating muscle fibres the plasma membrane may have disappeared, leaving only the basement membrane around the degenerating fibre (Plates 49, 63 lower part and 73). The changes in the plasma membrane reflect changes within the muscle fibre and are not specific to a particular disease process.

Laminated quadrilateral bodies which may be rectangular, square or rhomboid and are thought to be crystalline in nature (Plate 32). Other mitochondrial abnormalities are seen in Plates 30 and 31. GLYCOGEN In most disorders of muscle the glycogen is often increased, particularly in glycogenosis, but the increase may be very marked in some conditions of obscure nature (Slotwiner, Song and Maker, 1969). The glycogen granules accumulate throughout CHANGES IN MUSCLE FIBRES 5i the muscle fibres but especially between the myofibrils and under the plasma membrane (Plate 33).

T o the left is a cleft lined by basement membrane between several myocardial cells. MAGNIFICATION 7,500 x . Both are from the auricle of a human Ce Ch G Go Mf Centriole Chromosomes Glycogen Golgi apparatus Myofibrils of 16 weeks development. Mi N 0 RER Mitochondria Nucleus Osmophilic body Rough endoplasmic reticulum CHAPTER 2 Changes in Muscle Fibres The changes which occur in diseased muscle have been extensively investigated by light microscopy. Important contributions in this field are the works of Adams, Denny-Brown and Pearson (1953 and 1962), Greenfield, Shy, Alvord and Berg (1957) and those edited by Walton (1964 and 1969).

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