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The Rails net framework has taken the software program through hurricane, providing legions of net builders the power to create websites speedier and extra successfully than ever prior to. yet benefiting from Rails capability studying a completely new paradigm, as well as the language Rails is outfitted upon: Ruby. therefore, different developer groups have carried out their very own models of Rails, yet outfitted utilizing their hottest language. For thousands of Java builders, this local framework is Grails, and the Java-centric scripting language its outfitted upon: Groovy.

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If you need a map other than a LinkedHashMap, you can create any type of map by instantiating it; for example, def aTreeMap = new TreeMap(). In general, we encourage you just to think of it as a regular map. Listing 2-29 illustrates creating maps and common usages. Listing 2-29. f // Write the closure section todos[null] = 'Nothing Set' // Using null as a key 19. org/JN1035-Maps 20. html 21. each { println it } In line 1, an empty map is created by assigning a property the value [:]. Compare the creation of an empty list to the creation of an empty map.

Line 15 shows accessing the second item in the list. Line 16 shows using an index to assign position 0 the value "Christopher". Line 17 accesses the list using the get() method. Lines 19–20 use the set() method to assign the first position in the list and then print it out. Lines 22–24 remove items from the list using the remove() method and the minus operator. Lines 26–28 add items to the list using the add() method and the plus operator. Line 29 is interesting—it uses the index value -1. Using a negative index value causes the list to be accessed in the opposite order, or from last to first.

As a matter of convention, Groovy always returns the results of methods. In this case, there is no result, so null is returned. The Groovy Shell contains a built-in help facility that you can use to learn more about the shell. To access it, type help at the prompt. Figure 2-2 shows the help listing. Figure 2-2. Groovy Shell help information Groovy Console The Groovy Console,4 shown in Figure 2-3, is a graphical version of the Groovy Shell. It is written using SwingBuilder, a Groovy module that makes building Swing user interfaces easier.

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