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By Kerry Schafer

Vivian Maylor can’t sleep. probably it’s simply because she simply broke up together with her boyfriend and moved to a brand new city, or it may be the strain of her new activity on the medical institution. yet might be it’s simply because her goals have began to bleed via into her waking hours.

All of her existence Vivian has rejected her mother’s insane ramblings approximately Dreamworlds for concrete technological know-how and truth, until eventually an emergency room sufferer ranting approximately dragons spontaneously combusts sooner than her eyes—forcing Viv to contemplate the concept her visions of legendary beasts could be real.

And whilst an opportunity come upon leads her to a guy she is familiar with in simple terms from her desires, Vivian reveals herself falling right into a international that turns out unusual and common all at once—a international the place the road among dream and truth is difficult to figure out, and difficult to control…

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Members are predominantly first or second level warriors, though there is an elite cadre of about 30 fighters. This group each has at least one potion of flight ready for important battles, but the cost requires this to be a last resort. One particularly effective stunt of the Ceruleans uses cover, such as a wall. An archer with the feat Shot on the Run flies up, fires, and then dives back down before the enemy can react (assuming none have held actions). Weela herself has a ring of flight and often stages elaborate stunts with her lieutenants.

Notable Traits: The Sisterhood’s colors are brown and green, worked into most of their uniforms and equipment. Naturally, their chosen weapon is the battle scythe. Armor is typically only loose robes, and their whirling style of battle is quite a sight to behold. The Sisters wear their hair long, braided intricately and allowed to whirl and whip about in battle. Sisters will often work with elves from Vera-tre, and occasionally assist Vigils. Requirements: Potential sisters must be female. Humans and half-elves are the most common, but there have been a few half-orcs and dwarves as well.

Very large. Full graduates wear long beards, worked into two braids that curl outward almost like tusks. The few female members grow their hair long and keep it pulled back into two braids. Faces are always covered with a “sanguine cloth,” a bright red silk mask, with eyeholes or patches of thin black cloth that can be seen through. Jewelry is common, as are piercings all over the body. A series of ritual scars and tattoos mark out the lives of everyone the Headsman has executed. The torso is usually left exposed, though women may wear some simple support.

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