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By Michael OLeary

A reference resource displaying airplane and pilots of the interval, with an introductory textual content outlining the heritage of the airplane plus the creation thoughts utilized in its development, scale drawings of all of the significant B-17 varients featured and appendices outlining construction batches brought. within the construction LINE TO FRONTLINE sequence.

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In a four-cylinder engine with the combustion engines running under partial 32 CPA for 4-cylinder mode n in min-1 200 Motor CPA for 8- and 4-cylinder mode Fahrbereich CDA 2/3 160 120 80 40 4-cylinder CPA 0 8-cylinder CPA 200 Getriebe n in min-1 Figure 160 7 120 80 Fahrbereich CDA 2/3 Centrifugal pendulum-type absorber combination matched for operation of the engine on all cylinders and with cylinder deactivation cylinder engines are resulting in increased requirements, both when operating the engine on all cylinders and a partial number of cylinders.

To distribute the initial heat produced in an optimum manner, regarding passenger comfort and emissions, Schaeffler has introduced a thermomanagement module (Figure 12). In the engine warm up phase, the module can completely shut off the coolant entering the engine or set a minimum volume flow. When the engine is at operating temperature, the coolant temperature can be regulated quickly to various temperature levels, depending on load requirements and external conditions. The component has two coupled rotary slide valves that use a single drive.

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