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By Colin F. MacKenzie, P. Cristina Imle, Nancy Ciesla

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Postural drainage (PD) with and without mechanical percus­ sion. PD deep breathing with vibration and percussion administered by a phys­ iotherapist. and directed vigorous cough. They found PD was not as effective as physiotherapy or cough and frequent self-directed vigorous cough was most ef­ fective. This was in contrast to the find­ ings of Sutton et al. (1983) who report that the addition of PD nearly tripled the spu­ tum yield achieved by cough alone. Ross­ man et al. did not differentiate between the use of a forced expiratory technique (FET) and cough.

The authors differenti­ ated between routine and intensive chest physiotherapy. Postural drainage and bronchodilator therapy was referred to as intensive chest physiotherapy and breathing exercises, assisted coughing, and vibration of the chest wall were used as routine prophylactic chest physiother­ apy. The control group in their study re­ ceived only encouragement to breathe deeply and cough from nursing and med­ ical staff. The authors specifically distin­ guished bet ween atelectasis and infec­ tion.

60 . 7. 9) in the course of parental chest physiotherapy twice a day (parental). mechanical percussor twice a day (percussor). and parental and physiotherapist treatment for a total of three treatments per day (professional) Sputum production was greater but peak ex piratory flow less with the profe ss iona l than percussor regimen. (From Carswe ll F. Robi nson OW. Ward CCl, Waterfield M R : Deoxyribo­ nucleic acid output in the sputum from cystic fibrosis palients. ) = . Sutton et aJ.

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