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For example, NSProcessInfo lets you query the environment in which an application runs and NSHost yields the names and addresses of host systems on a network. You can use an NSTimer object to send a message to another object at specific intervals, and NSRunLoop lets you manage the input sources of an application or other type of program. NSUserDefaults provides a programmatic interface to a system database of global (per-host) and per-user default values (preferences). The Cocoa Frameworks 2010-12-13 | © 2010 Apple Inc.

NSTextView works with the Fonts window and Font menu, rulers and paragraph styles, the Services facility, and the pasteboard (Clipboard). NSTextView also allows customizing through 42 The Cocoa Frameworks 2010-12-13 | © 2010 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved. CHAPTER 1 What Is Cocoa? delegation and notifications—you rarely need to subclass NSTextView. You rarely create instances of NSTextView programmatically either, because objects in the Interface Builder library, such as NSTextField, NSForm, and NSScrollView, already contain NSTextView objects.

Foundation defines three major collection classes that are common to both iOS and Mac OS X: NSArray, NSDictionary, and NSSet. As with many of the value classes, these collection classes have immutable and mutable variants. For example, once you create an NSArray object that holds a certain number of elements, you cannot add new elements or remove existing ones; for that purpose you need the NSMutableArray class. ) The Cocoa Frameworks 2010-12-13 | © 2010 Apple Inc. All Rights Reserved. 35 CHAPTER 1 What Is Cocoa?

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