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By Jaap Hage (auth.), Michał Araszkiewicz, Jaromír à avelka (eds.)

This ebook is a radical treatise fascinated by coherence and its importance in felony reasoning. the person chapters current the subject from the overall philosophical standpoint, the viewpoint of legal-theory in addition to the point of view of cognitive sciences and the examine on synthetic intelligence and legislation. because it has grew to become out the interchange of information between those disciplines is particularly fruitful for every of them, supplying mutual notion and lengthening figuring out of a given subject. This publication is a different source for a person attracted to the idea that of coherence and the position it performs in reasoning. As this e-book captures vital modern concerns about the ongoing dialogue on coherence and legislation, these attracted to criminal reasoning should still locate it really worthwhile. by means of proposing this type of vast scope of perspectives and techniques on forthcoming the problem of coherence we are hoping to advertise the final curiosity within the subject in addition to the educational study that facilities round coherence and legislations.

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This means that not only first-order beliefs about the external world would be included but also meta-beliefs, such as the belief that another belief is, or is not, about an independently existing external world, standards for the validity of arguments, guidelines for belief revision in case a position set is (found to be) incoherent, ontological and epistemological views, religious beliefs, values, (other) norms etc. According to integrated coherentism, such a comprehensive position set should satisfy the standards set by itself.

1994. Hard cases: A procedural approach. Artificial Intelligence and Law 2: 113–167. A. 1994. The concept of law, 2nd ed. Oxford: Clarendon Press. D. 2008. Moral minds: How nature designed our universal sense of right and wrong. London: Abacus. Joseph, S. and H. Prakken. 2009. Coherence-driven argumentation to norm consensus. Proceedings of the 12th international conference on artificial intelligence and law, 58–77. New York: ACM. Kant, I. 1906. Grundlegung zur Metaphysik der Sitten. Hamburg: Felix Meiner Verlag.

Its topic is the justification of ‘positions’ in general and it treats a belief as one kind of position. I will use the term ‘position’ as a catch-all for everything, with the exception of behaviour11 that is amenable to justification. A position is something that is actually accepted; ‘things’ that are amenable to position are called ‘potential positions’. Potential positions include: • • • • • • • Beliefs (‘London is the capital of the United Kingdom’), Practical judgments (‘I should review this paper tomorrow’), Plans (‘I will take the plane to Bologna next Saturday’).

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