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By A. K. Oppenheim

Upon a synthesis of the know-how of Combustion in Piston Engines, its earlier, current and destiny, the ebook presents a recipe for its development. Engines of the long run are visualized as that includes dispensed combustion (vid. picture at the entrance conceal) completed via PJI&I (Pulse Jet Injection and Ignition) actuators, modulated via MECC (Micro-Electronically managed Combustion) structures in accordance with signs supplied by way of strain sensors. to help within the improvement of such engines, the booklet presents the strategy of strain diagnostics – an analytical method for studying the sign supplied by means of a strain sensor to evaluate the effectiveness with which gas is used in an engine cylinder, and to observe the operation of MECC in optimizing the functionality of a PJI&I process. it really is in this foundation demonstration is produced of a consultant motor vehicle engine, for which, by means of those platforms, the formation of toxins could be lowered by way of orders of importance, whereas the intake of gasoline is halved.

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By the use of a variety of ignition systems, the experiments covered a wide range of operating conditions, from an apparently laminar flame to a fully developed turbulent combustion. The five different modes of combustion were achieved by the following techniques in which the exothermic process of combustion was executed: (1) Spark ignited flame traversing the charge, F, Fig. 11. (2) Single stream flame jet initiated combustion, S, Fig. 12. (3) Triple stream flame jet combustion, T, Fig. 13. (4) Single stream opposed flame jets initiated combustion, OS, Fig.

Among numerous publications, it is featured in textbooks on internal combustion engines, as well as in algorithms for its numerical implementation. Of particular interest among the former is the book of John Heywood (1988), where methods for evaluating the thermodynamic properties of the working substance are described in Chaps. 3 and 4, and the thermodynamic approach to engine combustion is presented in Chap. 9. Among the latter, straightforward examples of numerical analysis based on pressure measurements are provided by Gordon Blair in his books on two-stroke (Blair 1996) and four-stroke (Blair 1999) engines.

1979) revealed the significant role, played in this process by active radicals. An interesting attempt to obviate the cumbersome mechanically actuated injection was made subsequently by Reinhard Latsch (1984) at Bosch, Suttgart. In this case that was achieved by relying on admission of only the piston compressed air/fuel mixture to the igniter cavity, eliminating thus the need for additional supply of its feedstock from an outside source. 3 Implementation 25 had this cavity miniaturized so that it could be accommodated within the body of a 14 mm spark plug.

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