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By Tracy Martin

Tracy Martin, an ASE (Automotive provider Excellence) qualified grasp Technician, explains the rules at the back of car electric platforms and the way they paintings. This booklet information many of the instruments, corresponding to multimeters and try out lighting fixtures, that may be used to judge and troubleshoot any vehicle's electric process. numerous hands-on tasks take readers on a guided travel in their vehicle's electric process and display how one can repair particular problems.

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3. Left: Schematic diagram of a six-cylinder engine with pulse turbocharging configuration and twin-entry turbine. Right: Automotive turbocharger with twin-scroll turbine (courtesy of General Motors Corp) In a pulse turbocharging configuration, use is made of turbines with multiple entries or scrolls, carefully chosen to serve specific cylinders in order to avoid interference between the traveling exhaust waves from the individual cylinders. Since the exhaust process duration in a four-stroke engine is of the order of 240°CA, it follows that not more than three cylinders should be connected to the same turbine entry.

Similarly to its exhaust counterpart, the inlet manifold acts as a flow capacitor. 8, showing manifold pressure histories during the first second of a turbocharged diesel engine’s load acceptance transient event. 8. Manifold pressure histories during the first cycles of a 0–90% load increase transient event of a six-cylinder, DI, turbocharged diesel engine Although the exhaust manifold pressure is increasing following the boost in fueling, the inertia of the turbocharger as well as the gas dynamics of filling the intake manifold cause a further lag on the intake side.

This subject has been treated in detail by Zinner [2] and Watson and Janota [3], who also provide useful examples regarding cylinder number and disposition effects, mainly for steady-state operation. 4. Schematic arrangement of current state of the art turbocharged diesel engine (C: compressor, T: turbine, ECU: engine control unit, EGR: exhaust gas recirculation; single line (─) indicates gas flow, double line (═) indicates mechanical connection, light dotted line (…) indicates signal and heavy dotted line indicates fuel flow) By the time the exhaust gas reaches the turbine rotor, there are further, considerable delays induced by the turbocharger operation.

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