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By Marcella Althaus-Reid

Indecent Theology brings liberation theology modern via introducing the novel serious methods of gender, postcolonial, and queer thought. Grounded in genuine examples from Latin the United States, Marcella Althaus-Reid's hugely provocative, yet immaculately researched booklet reworks 3 targeted parts of theology - sexual, political and systematic. It exposes the connections among theology, sexuality and politics, while beginning a dramatic sexual rereading of systematic theology.Groundbreaking, fascinating and scholarly, Indecent Theology broadens the controversy on sexuality and theology as by no means prior to.

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As the Hebrew Scriptures start with a myth of God and humanity based on the sexual legitimacy of societal order, in the story of Adam and Eve, the New Testament starts with a quasi-woman (Mary, a de-biologised being) and her sexual intercourse with a God, or to be more precise, with an idealist sacred Meta-narrative. Jesus Christ is conceived then as the unique production of a meta-narrative and a quasibeing, which although it sounds fantastic is the origin of the in-credible in Christianity. Beyond that, the entire sacred text is concerned with sexual control and the effort to make of the in-credible a real, material substance.

The Virgin Mary is a theologically casuistic case presented in feminicide. A life that cannot have any choice because it is a woman’s life, and no other reason, is a life which suffers many forms of assassinations. After the sacralisation of the 40 Indecent proposals Virgin Mary legend and its incorporation into a universalising discourse, it is there that we find the first ‘cuerpo del delito’, that is, the body of crime where sexual behaviour and punishments can be ascribed. Why did God need a woman to procreate?

We have already considered that there is more to heterosexuality than the caricature persistently sold as heterosexuality. Heterosexual people in Latin America also live in asphyxiating closets. Is Liberation Theology a theology of dialectics (reconciliatory stances) or revolutionary changes? The answer is historical. In Latin America, the main concern is still to show how Liberation Theology has come of age and can be considered the equal of western theology. That is where the Mysterium Liberations ends, in an anything but mysterious, predictable way, absorbed by the Western theological ethos.

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