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By Hector Facundo Arena, Pat Williams

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Most maintain a list of user names andIn Windows Vista parlance, this is _<1_ These numerical IDs are unique, one per user. When a user system, the authentication stage determines the appropriate user logs in ID for the user. That user ID is associated with all of the user's processes and threads. When an ID needs to be user readable, it is translated back to the user name via the user name list. In some circumstances, we wish to distinguish among sets of users rather than individual users. For example, the owner of a file on a UNIX system may be allowed to issue all operations on that file, whereas a selected set of users may only be allowed to read the file.

A time-shared operating system 11ses CPU scheduling and multiprogramming to provide each user with a small portion of a time-shared computer. Eachuserhas atleast or:t_e S§parateprogra111inmemory. --···· 20 Chapter 1 memory and executing is called a When a process executes, it typically it either finishes or needs to perform I/0. executes for only a short tirne I/0 may be interactive; that is, output goes to a display for the user, and input comes from a user keyboard, mouse, or other device. Since interactive I/0 typically runs at "people speeds," it may take a long time to complete.

A user can be in one or more groups, depending on operating-system design decisions. The user's group IDs are also included in every associated process and thread. e11t. HoV\Tever; a user sometimes needs to to gain extra permissions for an activity. Operatmg systems provide various methods to allow privilege escalation. On UNIX, for example, the setuid attribute on a program causes that program to run with the user ID of the owner of the file, rather than the current user's ID. The process runs with this until it turns off the extra privileges or terminates.

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