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You are considered an adult and can do most everything) is 18. Everywhere else in Canada, it is 19. Yet you can vote in a federal election once you're 18. THE CRIMINA L CODE 2 3 In Ontario, you can drive, leave home or school permanently, work full time, or get married at age 16. You can also serve liquor when you're 1 8 but ca. drink it only when you're 19. Part 6: Privacy The righ t to privacy is often subjec t to the needs of society. In England , wher e peopl e hav e lived wit h terroris m fo r a long time , public vide o camera s are the norm , an d people have com e t o accep t tha t invasio n o f thei r privacy .

For first- and seconddegree murde r an d manslaughter , it' s lif e i n prison . Fo r infanticide, it ca n be u p t o five years in jail. Section 24 1 make s it illega l t o ai d anyone i n commit ting suicide. The cod e then deals , as in th e sectio n on sex, with moto r vehicles . Section 249 deals with the dangerous operation o f a car, while Sectio n 25 2 deals with failing to stop o r remai n a t th e scen e o f a n accident . A simila r offence exist s in mos t provincia l highway laws , the differ ence being tha t with the cod e you get a criminal record .

As part o f its advertising, a major newspa per chai n uses th e imag e o f the quee n as it appear s on paper money. Since no on e i s being misled and it's onl y part o f the currency , it's legal. "Every one who commits forgery (a) is guilty . . and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years . " THE CRIMINA L COD E 3 7 Part 10: FRAUD If you see a quarter lying on the ground , chances are you'll pick i t up . That quarte r use d to belon g t o someon e wh o has lost it. "Finders keepers " isn't really part of our law , yet you'll likely keep the quarter .

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