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By Cynthia D. Moe-Lobeda

The more and more urgent and miserable state of affairs of Planet Earth poses pressing moral questions for Christians. yet, as Cynthia Moe-Lobeda argues, the way forward for the earth isn't really easily a question of defending species and habitats yet of rethinking the very that means of Christian ethics. The earth concern can't be understood except the bigger human crisis—economic fairness, social values, and human function are certain up with the planet's survival. In a feeling, she says, the complete earth is an ethical neighborhood. Reorienting Christian ethics from its ordinary anthropocentrism to an ecocentrism includes a brand new framework that Moe-Lobeda lays out in her first chapters, culminating in an artistic rethinking of ways it really is that we comprehend morally. With this "moral epistemology" in position, she unfolds her inspiration of "moral imaginative and prescient" and applies it to the current state of affairs in a full-fledged earth-honoring, justice-seeking Christian moral stance

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Those of us (myself included) who know our excessive consumption is causing ecological and economic disasters should read Professor Moe-Lobeda’s new book. ” —Sallie McFague, E. Rhodes and Leona B. Carpenter Professor of Theology Emerita, Vanderbilt University, and Distinguished Theologian in Residence, Vancouver School of Theology ♦ “The vast majority of the writing and speaking that surrounds us in the newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television, and university classrooms and lecture halls takes for granted the basic structures and practices of the present world order, despite their rendering billions of people destitute and the planet uninhabitable.

Hers is neither a jeremiad nor a facile program of voluntary individual lifestyle changes and upgrades (all of us driving Toyota Priuses to Home Depot or Lowe’s). Rather, she leads the reader to see the systemic evil of colossal structures that will only be changed as we are also changed. Transformation by another name, of both ourselves and the systems we live by. And how is that done? Only by forces with the tenacity and strength of genuine faith in the possibility of a different way of life, this one attuned to all life and its parental, generative elements—earth (soil), air, fire (energy), and water.

Dr. M. Gnanavaram, and Rev. Dr. Solomon Victus of Tamilnadu Theological Seminary; Dr. David Selvaraj and Mercy Kappen of Visthar; Dr. John Chelladuria of the India Peace Centre; Rev. Dr. Monica Melanchthon and Rev. Dr. Prakash George Achin and Alice, Rohan and Ramya Achin of Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute; Rev. Christopher Rajkumar of the National Council of Churches of India; and Dr. Wati Longchar of Serampore College. And then there are Larry Rasmussen and Frederica (Freddie) Helmiere!

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