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By Michael Moorcock

Unique e-book: 1973

In the traditional fortress Erorn, Corum of the Scarlet gown dwells in isolation and sorrow. He has out-lived his nice love, Rhalina, and is suffering from voices in his dreams—a crowd of shadowy figures chanting his identify. not able to disregard their demands support any more, he'll go back and forth via eons of time to an age of tragedy, the place the folks of Tuha-na-Cremm Croich, descendants of Rhalina, are persecuted by way of the enormous gods of the chilly Folk.
A nice black bull has the ability had to defeat the monsters of a brand new age. yet to tame the bull, the everlasting Champion needs to trip to the fatally attractive island of Hy-Breasail to discover the invincible and magical Spear Bryionak...

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